Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Parts

The Kenmore is one of the well-known manufacturers that produce different type electrical appliances including various types of vacuum cleaner like canister, handheld and upright vacuums. It also has bagged and bagless varieties for users to choose from.

Out of several types of vacuums, the Kenmore canister vacs is most popular especially the bagged models like Kenmore 81214 200 Series, 81414 400 Series as well as Elite 21814 Pet & Allergy Friendly CrossOver Canister.

The Kenmore canister vacuum provides powerful cleaning for every floor type including the pet hairs. The Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner is also flexible enough to clean above floor surfaces like drapes, stairs, curtains, staircases and many others.

In fact, one of the Kenmore canister models was selected as top 10 canister vacuum cleaners in the market now. Watch the following video to discover it.

The Main Kenmore Canister Vacuum Parts
Kenmore vacuum parts are very easy to find and maintain. Here are just some of the main Kenmore canister vacuum parts that you will need it if you have the Kenmore canisters:-
1.Electric Vacuum Hose: This is the industrys best hose pipe. It is crush proof, very light and easy to use. With its two year warranty, the hose pipe has 3 way switches for control. The electric vacuum hose pipe is heavy duty and durable. For maximum performance the hose pipe is smooth on the inside.

2.The filter: The latest Kenmore vacuum models are using the industry leading HEPA filter which is proven to captures up to 99.97% of pollens and allergens. Some are using the washable filters that will last longer.

3.Extension hose: This Kenmore canister vacuum part allows you to save time as you will clean up a larger potion owing to the extensions length. The extension hose pipe is flexible, crushproof, easy to store and it also comes with a two year warranty. The hose pipe is compatible to all systems though it is not compatible with directly connected electrical hoses or systems.

4.Vacuum Bag:This is a very important Kenmore vacuum component. The bag needs to be replaces from time to time unless you are using the bagless models. There are slightly different bag being used from one brand to other models.

Where to Buy your Kenmore Vacuum Parts?
Kenmore vacuum parts can be bought in a variety of places. Here are just a few of the numerous places where you could find genuine and readily available Kenmore vacuum parts for sale:-

1. Online Stores: You also can acquire the Kenmore vacuum and parts from online stores like Amazon, Wal-mart or Sears store near you. However, you cannot be assured of getting all the Kenmore vacuum parts in a particular store. Sometime buying from online store is worthwhile as you can get the free shipping.

2. Auction Sites: These are known to be the best places to acquire any kind Kenmore vacuum parts. You will not only find the vacuum parts, but also any other type of vacuum component at a very reasonable price. However, buying used Kenmore vacuum parts could be risky as they do not have any warranty, in addition, most sellers do not accept returns. A fine example of an auction site is eBay.

3. Kenmore Website: Making orders through their official site is also another way for anyone to buy Kenmore vacuum parts. Online website have all of their products unlike other shops and stores. Site:

For some of the general parts like HEPA filter, there are several manufacturing companies where anyone can also purchase those parts at reasonable price. The best place to find Kenmore vacuum products is online since there are a variety of companies selling these products.