The Importance Of Drafting A No Shoe Policy At Home

Removing your shoes at the door can be a pain. Most people prefer walking in the house with their shoes on. But have you ever stopped to think of how much germs, dirt, and dust you get in the house from outside? You may dislike walking barefoot at home, but there are many benefits to it.

Walking barefoot keeps dirt outside the house. Not only do you keep dirt outside, but you also protect your family from bacteria that you may have carried from outside. Shoes carry with them a lot of bacteria, and if one person in the family does not remove shoes while getting in the house, the other family members can be at risk of contracting the bacteria if they walk barefoot. When you adopt a no-shoe policy at home, you keep your house floor clean from bacteria and make it safe for your babies to also crawl on.

Walking barefoot in the house can also protect your feet as you can wiggle your toes and allow them to breathe while stretching. Letting your feet breathe can help them relax, and blood can flow freely without any hindrance. With time, your feet will thank you. When people walk around in boots and heels, you may feel like they are stomping, especially when you are downstairs. Walking barefoot will keep the home quieter, and your neighbors will not complain of noise from your house upstairs.

It is also very polite to remove your shoes when you visit other people’s homes. It shows respect, and as a guest, you mustn’t take outside soil and bacteria to other people’s homes. If you are not sure about removing shoes, you can always ask if you are a guest. It is good to get your family members into the habit of removing their shoes before walking into the house.

Lastly, walking barefoot will save you time as you do not have to mop the floors frequently, which can sometimes be tiring. If you are used to mopping the floors thrice a week, you can do it once a week as the house would not be as dirty as when people are stepping on the floor with shoes on. While mopping your floors, to remove all the dirt and germs, you should always use a microfiber mop as it is more efficient than cotton mops. A microfiber mop cleans well, and it can get into cracks and crevices that are hard to clean normally. The correct types of microfiber mops can be found on Keep your house floors clean by adopting a no-shoe policy. You will love the results.