5 Vegetables You Can Grow In Your Garden During Summer

There are many vegetables you would love to plant all year round, especially during spring and fall, but when it is time for that hot days with hot weather, you want to change your mind about what to plant and what not to plant. Every vegetable has a time of the seasons that they grow well. Good enough, there are still many vegetables that you can plant in your home garden during the summer. So, if youre looking to plant vegetables during the summer, you will have to pick the ones that grow well during that time. Consider these for your garden:

1 – Sweet Potatoes: This tropical plant is known to be sensitive to cold, so they do well immediately after the cold is past. Quite different from the regular potatoes because it prefers the warm days and weather. They are easy to plant and maintain. The sweet part is that they grow fast and easily. Unlike traditional potatoes, sweet potatoes thrive when the weather is too hot to grow the traditional potatoes. All you need to do after planting is to keep the soil friendly until they form into striving vines and spread in the ground.

2 – Okra: When you are looking for a hot-weather loving plant, Okra is the plant to look for. Its delicate roots make it a sensitive plant to consider for the summer. Apart from its delicate roots, it is tough enough to succeed in the heat of the year. It is a champ in hot weather and thats what makes it fit into this list.

3 – Peppers: this super-hot plant has what it takes to weather the weather. They grow well in summer, just like eggplants and tomatoes because of their adaptability to the weather condition. Plant them in a place where direct sunlight is available. Double that with nutrient-rich soil and regular watering. Before long, youll have pepper to add to your food.

4 – Corn: With corn, you are sure to have one of the easiest plants to get in your home garden. It is relatively easy to plant. Maintenance of this plant is less demanding and it is one of the most common plants youll find in gardens. All you need to get is the right level of attention to detail.

5 – Spinach: this plant is rich in nutrients that help you stay healthy. Getting it in your home garden is one of the best decisions youll ever make. It produces tasty and nutrient-rich foliage that can be used as salad or dishes. They grow well in hot climates with temperatures fit enough for all through the summer. Amazingly, the grow in winter as well.

Planting your vegetables in your garden is economical and a good form of exercise. You wont have to worry about stale farm produce anymore.