Properties In Mijas, The Hidden Gem Of Andalusia October 28, 2018

  Mijas is in the Province of Malaga. It lies between Fuengirola and Marbella. This fascinating town belongs to the beautiful Costa del Sol.

The place has been inhabited by different people since the Bronze Age. It holds legacies of the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Christians. Mijas architecture, food and culture displays this mixed heritage.

It takes a one-hour bus ride to reach it from the capital town of Malaga. Tourism drives the regions economy. Cruise ships stop by Malaga. From there, private tours can be arranged to see neighboring towns.

Because its near the sea, the place has a semi-tropical climate. It experiences hot weather from May until October. Temperatures reach its highest at around 40 °C in August. Nights are warm as well.

In winter, days are warm and agreeable. It gets chilly during winter nights, but dont worry. It gets no worse than the occasional light frost. Light rainfall happens between October and April.

Its mostly sunny throughout the year thats around 2,920 hours of sunshine year-round. That gives you more time to explore and experience its sights and sounds.

Properties in Mijas


When looking for a property in Mijas, get to know first its two main districts. This consists of Mijas Pueblo and Mijas Costa. Landscapes and communities in these areas are very distinct.

Mijas Pueblo looks like an idyllic Andalusian village. It sits on the mountainside at 400 m above sea level about 10km away from the coast.

Cobbled streets and white-washed houses speak of its enduring past. Locals savor a traditional, relaxed, and festive lifestyle. This is why many artists and writers choose to settle here.

Meanwhile, Mijas Costa covers the 12 km coastline of the town. It contains the modern residential and commercial areas. Though it still retains some traditional character, the way of life is very much 21st century.

A twenty-minute drive from the pueblo will take you to La Cala De Mijas, the center of Mijas Costa. From being a tiny fishing village, its now a commercial center. It has schools, health centers, supermarkets, bars and restaurants.

Beach activities at the coast include wakeboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing and parapenting. Theres a coastal boardwalk if youre looking for a quiet stroll along the beach. Its a golfers paradise as well. You would likely find a golf course a few minutes away at any point in Mijas.

While Spanish is the primary language, many English-speaking people live in Mijas. The Town Hall also has a helpful Foreigners Department.

Generally, properties in Mija reach 1,998 EUR per square meter. The average build size is 45 square meters and plots are 1,320 square meters.

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