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Memory Foam Mattress Purchasing Tips

When purchasing your next memory foam mattress there are a few critical questions you should ask yourself. Take a look at our five purchasing tips for your next memory foam mattress below:

1) Foam Density
One of the most common misconceptions people have when they decide to buy a memory foam mattress is that the density of the foam depicts how the mattress feels. The statement is not entirely true. The density of the memory foam mattress has more to do with the actual durability thereof rather than the feel of the mattress. A denser memory foam mattress will more easily outlast a memory foam mattress with a lower density. Many of the more high-end mattresses are much denser than ones which are manufactured cheaper. You can find a good selection with bargain prices at

2) MmHg and what it means
MmHg is the unit of measurement used to determine how comfortable a mattress can be. Basically, the mmHg measurement is used to determine how a mattress reacts to pressure. A mattress which boasts a mmHg of 32 or lower is considered to be pressure relieving. This means that if you are looking for a mattress which offers more pressure relief then you should opt for a mattress with a lower mmHg measurement. Choosing a mattress with a lower mmHg measurement also equates to less tossing and a better night’s sleep. A lower mmHg measurement also means better blood circulation.

3) Indentation Load Deflection (ILD)
The Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) of a mattress rages from six to 40. Many of the memory foam mattresses on the market have an Indentation Load Deflection rating of between 10 and 16. Top memory mattress manufacturers today make use of several layers of foam each with their own mmHg measurement; this means that the mattress will be more comfortable as the layers work together to provide a better Indentation Load Deflection.

4) Where was your memory foam mattress made
Beware of buying a memory foam mattress which has been imported from another country. During the import process companies often spray harsh chemicals onto the mattress to prevent the spread of insects and bacteria. As far as possible make sure you buy a memory mattress which has been produced in your own country. Also be careful of mattress manufacturers who claim to have produced their own mattresses while in actual fact they simply assembled the mattresses in your country and all the components were still imported.

5) Natural or regular Memory Foam
Visco Foam also known as visco-elastic memory foam is created using artificial plant-based products. This means that it is a synthetic Memory Foam. Synthetic materials sleep much hotter than natural products. They also contain a number of harsh chemicals including petroleum-based chemicals. Natural foam is produced from one hundred percent plant materials and contains no chemicals or synthetic materials. This means that you are less likely to have adverse reactions from chemicals. You will also have a much cooler sleep. Make sure that you read which products your mattress is made of o ensure you pick out the right one to suit your needs.

How To Choose Headboards For Your Beds

Headboards are perfect for you to add an extra element of style to your bedroom. Headboards have a long history and date back hundreds of years when they were used to isolate people from cold drafts. The idea behind the headboard has evolved drastically and today they are used to add an aesthetic element to any bedroom.

Some bed designs already include a headboard while others do not. This gives the user a unique opportunity to create a special place in their bedroom to showcase their specific tastes. Choosing the right headboard is a decision which should not be taken lightly, after all a headboard should perfectly round off your room.

Here are a few things to consider before buying your next headboard:

1. Your bedroom interior
Your headboard should perfectly match your unique taste. It should be able to blend into your chosen theme for your room. A headboard is often a focal point of your bedroom and it should accurately reflect your personal style. You can find some fabiulous patterned headboards at

2. Your budget
Headboards can be quite expensive. Working within your budget is very important. This will also very often dictate the materials you can choose from. For example, if you are working with a very small budget the last thing you want to do is set your heart on an expensive leather headboard. Also, if your budget is small, try getting creative with your choice of headboards. Check out second-hand dealership for something which can be easily repurposed.

3. Your ceiling height.
This should be a very important part of your decision-making process. You simply cannot place a tall headboard into a room with low ceilings and a smaller headboard will look misplaced in a bedroom with higher ceilings.

4. Your materials
The materials you choose for your headboard should be soft. This will not only soften the look of your bedroom but it will also ensure that you can choose from a variety of amazing colors. The materials you use can also determine whether your headboard will have a modern or a classic look.

7. Function
It is vital that you consider the functionality of your headboard. Headboards can be used to store additional items such as books or trinkets. Alternatively, some headboards are purely decorative and do not include storage space. If you are looking for a headboard which can also be used to store items, make sure that your bedroom is large enough to accommodate it easily.

Ultimately, the choice of a headboard is up to the unique uses that you can put it through. Whether you are looking to jazz up your room or simply add a little flare, you are sure to find the perfect headboard to suit your needs. There are hundreds of options available to you and you simply need to do a little homework. Don’t rush into the decision. Consider all the factors before you buy a new headboard because it is sure to be the focal point of your bedroom.